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A Global, Spiritual Ministry based on Unity Consciousness.



UPLIFTED is a global, virtual Ministry, redefining what it means to be a modern person of Faith.  

Unity consciousness

Our mission is to shift the collective consciousness to Unity Consciousness. Unity consciousness means to see every person as an extension of you. It means to look past the illusion of separation and to see everyone as part of you.

"I see YOU"

Our community members refer to one another as Brother and Sister; This is a spiritual practice that serves as a reminder that we are all connected and a part of a larger Universal Family. We also say, “I see You” to one another. “I see You”, means: I see who You Really Are. I see the Holiness in you. I honor the Divinity in you and I am blessed by you. We see everyone as God’s Sacred Creations.


A Global unity consciousness movement that creates a massive planetary shift.








Guiding Principles

Pray. Listen. follow.

We become very present, we pray for divine guidance, we listen to the voice of Perfect Love, and we follow the guidance. This is our way of life. To be Spirit-led is to let go of our opinions, our past learning, our agendas, preferences, control, and fears, and be fully open to God's plan for us. As we learn to rely on Spirit for guidance, miracles begin to unfold in our lives that otherwise would not have been possible if we were stuck on needing things to happen our way.

no people pleasing

When we live constantly altering our behavior because we are afraid of losing the approval, and validation of others what we end up doing is living an inauthentic life where we wear many masks, and walk on eggshells to try to "keep the peace". This is not peace, this is a facade where everyone is wearing masks, and acting in accord with what they think others want from them. The most liberating, and loving thing we can do for our selves, and our brothers, and sisters is drop the masks, stop living to please others, be honest, authentic and sincere, and speak openly and truthfully.

no private thoughts

Only darkness hides. Light is totally open, and love and light are one of the same. Therefore, to bring darkness to light, and illusions to truth we must air out all of private thoughts, and express them openly. The ego likes to create distorted narratives, and assign false meanings to things as a way to perpetuate separation. At MM, we don't keep any thoughts private. We create a sacred space for each other to express our doubt, and fear thoughts with an attitude of ," I want to be wrong about this". After expressing honestly and openly, we often realize the ego is creating something that is not really there, and we become a little bit more free every time.

OUR Beliefs

Self Realization

Self-realization is the process of gaining a deep understanding and awareness of one's true self, beyond the limitations of ego and societal conditioning. It involves recognizing your wholeness, and aligning with one's authentic nature, values, and purpose. Self-realization often involves deep introspection, presence, and mindfulness to uncover and integrate all aspects of the self, leading to a consistent sense of wholeness, and fulfillment.

Christ consciousness

We believe the second coming of Christ is a consciousness. In simple terms, it is a state of mind in which you become fully aware that you are the Christ, and accept only your I AM presence as your One and True Identity. We believe that to accept Christ is to accept and reclaim your identity as Christ. We believe Jesus is a Master Teacher and Way Shower who transcended the ego and fully realized the Christ. We believe Christ is not a person but a state of mind and a state of being in which you are fully, and consistently aware of Reality and Truth. The Reality that the only thing that is real is Spirit, and the Truth that God is all there is.

the direct path to God

A devotional, direct path to God refers to a spiritual approach that emphasizes a deep, personal relationship with God through devotion, love, and surrender. It involves cultivating a connection to the divine through a constant state of communion with Spirit. The focus is on developing a heartfelt and intimate connection with God as a beloved and surrendering one's ego, and preferences to experience union with the divine. It is a path of devotion, surrender, and love as a means to attain spiritual enlightenment and union with the ultimate reality.



At UPLIFTED, we are in the world but not of it. What does that mean? The world seems to be ruled by a sense of lack where most people are searching for fulfillment, and happiness outside of themselves through material things, possessions, money, titles, status, beauty, relationships, and labels to glorify the self image, and the false self concept. At MM, we do not seek anything outside of ourselves because we have learned that no thing or outcome will ever bring us lasting peace, or happiness. We have received a call to come outside of the world which in simple terms means to stop valuing and idolizing temporal things that have no real value. In the world of time and space the only things of value are eternal, and that is Love. All else is no longer of significant importance to us.

Spirit vision

We believe that reality is neutral. We believe each persons reality is uniquely experienced through the lens of their own consciousness. Here is an analogy we like to use: Reality is a projection screen and your consciousness is the movie that is being projected outward. When we see Spirit in the other, not only do we see them correctly but we are also strengthening our Identity as Spirit because what you see is what you are. It is our deepest spiritual practice to look beyond the illusion of the form and the veil of separation and behold the Christ in one other.

Heart Centered Living

Judgment and Heart Centered Living cannot coexist. When you live from your heart space, where there once was judgment, there is noW compassion, where there was once resistance, there is now acceptance, where there was once separation, there is now unity, and where there was once fear there is now love. When you open up your heart, and live from that place, love becomes your purpose. You no longer seek to get anything from anyone because you know you already have it all. It's love. And the only way you can experience that love that you are is by sharing it.

Personal emPowerment

All human suffering comes from the strange belief that you are somehow powerless. Someone who is powerless, by definition has no power to create change. We believe we are all empowered Beings of Light and the same force, and power of God within us all. We take full accountability for our lives and the state of our minds. We know all change occurs in the mind, and our thoughts alone have the power to defeat us so we reclaim our True, I AM Identity and as a result, we reclaim our personal power.

Spiritual leadership

Everything you do, you teach. At UPLIFTED, we don't underestimate the impact our presence makes in the environments we are placed in. We go into every room, every interaction, and every experience with a heart for service and one fundamental question in our minds: “How can I be truly helpful?”. We realize the power we have in influencing, and teaching those around us through our actions, our words, our behaviors, and our spiritual integrity. We feel an inner spiritual responsibility to uphold our values, lead with honor, and be an example others can follow.


Presence is a state of complete awareness, mindfulness, or being fully engaged and focused in the present moment. It involves consciously bringing one's attention and awareness to the current experience rather than dwelling on the past or worrying about the future. Presence is often associated with a sense of calmness, clarity, and connectedness to the immediate surroundings and to oneself. Cultivating presence will enhance one's ability to experience and appreciate life more fully and find inner peace and contentment


At UPLIFTED, we believe there are 8 billion angels on the planet. That's right. We believe EVERYONE is an angel, a messenger, and a way shower playing their part perfectly for us to assist us in our spiritual awakening and the evolution of our Souls. Because of this belief, the only proper response to anyone in our life including those who seem to hurt us, is appreciation. Why? Because they are simply pointing us to a place within ourselves where we are not yet free. We believe all relationships, situations and experiences are the backdrop that Spirit uses for the healings of our mind, the releasing of our grievances, the expansion of our hearts, the purification of our love, and the ultimate liberation of the false self. Therefore, appreciation is our way of life.


God is Perfect Love and therefore, so are We. Love is the most important thing in all of our lives, and in the world. The only times we ever feel truly alive is when we are feeling the presence of Love. The presence of Love is the presence of God and We are expressions of this Divine Love.


Humility is an attitude of humbleness that comes from understanding our place in the larger order of things. It is the antidote to the ego as it entails a sense of meekness and detachment from needing to prove ourselves or taking ourselves too seriously.


You've heard the expression... "Do you want to be right or or do you want to be happy?" Well, here at MM we say, "Do you rather be right or at peace?" We choose peace over all desires. We in fact have come to understand that the only desire that brings lasting happiness is the desire for peace.


ACIM says, "Trust would settle every problem now." and we agree. Complete trust in God is the answer to all of our problems and the solution to all doubt. Where there is doubt, there is no certainty, where there is no certainty, there is weakness. Strength and Trust are one of the same. Once trust goes, everything else goes.


How honest are you? Meaning, how closely do your thoughts, words, actions and behaviors align with what you know to be Spiritual Truth? To be honest is to be consistent. Honesty has no hidden agendas; It is complete transparency, and purity of heart. It is dependable, and predictable. We honor, and speak the truth, no matter the cost.


We all have Faith, the question is, where are we placing it? In doubting or believing? Faith is the consistent and conscious decision to invest in best case scenarios. Radical Faith is, "but even if the worst case scenario occurs, I still have faith." That's unwavering faith. Faith if it works out, and Faith in redirection.

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