NEW BEGINNINGS is a LIVE, 2 day, fully immersive, and life changing experience. We break down the event into 3 stages that facilitate profound healing, radical breakthroughs and powerful transformations. Get excited! Your New Beginning is almost here!

The New Beginning Breakdown

Step 1: Discovery, Awareness and Release.

We’ll start with identifying what it is you are struggling with most and why. What are the perceived challenges that are limiting you, blocking you from your joy and robbing you of your peace? We will look at your history, your upbringing, past hurts and traumas. We will go over your accomplishments as well as perceived “failures” and your biggest achievements and biggest regrets.  We will identify what your triggers are and where they stem from and why they are triggers to begin with. We will talk about your most painful memories, your biggest fears and darkest times. I call the first stage of the Higher Self mastery Program “Awareness and Release” because that is exactly what you’ll be doing during this time. Releasing all the pain, past hurts, fears, doubts, shame, guilt, and resentments you are holding onto and may not even be aware you are doing so.  Awareness brings healing.  Speaking brings release.  There is healing in speaking and getting all that you are holding in your head, and in your heart, off of your chest. There is healing in the tears that will be released as well. This is the first step to healing. 

Step 2: Step Up and Rise Up!

Once you release all that you’ve been holding on to, we can start making space for something fresh, and new. Now is when we start to pinpoint what you’re holding onto that no longer serves you and we start to identify the blocks that are holding you back. I will use proven NLP techniques, Counseling tools, Psychological modalities, Metaphysics and Spiritual Guidance to help you replace these self limiting thoughts, habits and behaviors with ones that will help serve you and the person you now choose to become. We will look deep within to the parts of you, that are not pretty and start to do the shadow work. We will make the unconscious, conscious and start to reprogram your mind to operate from a Growth Mindset, instead of a fixed mindset. We will work together to shift your perspectives, find the positives in the negative situations and release low vibrating emotions, emotional cycles, self limiting thought patterns, toxic behaviors and unhealthy habits. Here is the real work. Here is where you take responsibility for your life, circumstances and experiences which is necessary in order to create change. This is when you empower yourself to take the first necessary steps to start to raise your consciousness and your vibration to live in alignment with your higher self.

Step 3: Your New Beginning!

This is the fun part because it’s when we really start to identify who you are, why you are the way you are, what’s most important to you in life, what do you want from life, what do you need in order to be happy, who do you want to be, what don’t you want, what matters to you most, what your goals are and what brings you true joy and fulfilment in life. We then create a roadmap and action plan to get you there. This is where you discover you have the power to rewrite your story, and start living the life you envision for yourself! Here is where you discover the truth of who you really are, tap into your unlimited potential and realize you actually had the power to start your new beginning all along.


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