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Love turns on the light in every dark room. It has no secrets, it has no hidden agenda, it has no ulterior motive. Love does not require, it does not demand, it does not expect, and it does not get disappointed. It is infinite patience. It does not need to fix or help. It holds space for infinite possibility. It allows people to be as they are. It has no requirements. It does not need to please or make anyone happy. It does not assume responsibility for others. It just is. Love is respect. It does not demand respect, it is respect. It is assertive. It is strong. It is clear. It is certain and in that certainty lies its strength. It is never fickle. It does not pretend. It does not fear loss because it cannot lose. It is honest and humble. It is not manipulative. It does not hide anything, it is completely open, and transparent. It does not argue, prove itself or have a need to be right. It does not pay back, retaliate or seek vengeance. It knows no conflict and creates no conflict. It is a peacemaker. Love keeps no account of offenses, grievances or wrong doings. It has no memory unlike itself. Love only recognizes love. It see’s like itself. It does not assume. It does not need to defend itself. It does not seek validation, approval, recognition or credit. It is anonymous. It is not a burden or an obligation. It is not a commitment, an oath or a debt. Love is free. Boundless and Limitless. It is Expansive, The energy of expansion. It sees only the good. It remembers only the good and believes for the best. It is perfect trust and total faith. It does not guilt. It does not shame. It does not critique. It does not criticize, it does not blame. It does not compete, it does not attack or defend. It only protects. Love does not need control. It does not attach. It does not cling. It does not hold close, it holds dear. Love is forgiveness. It does not condemn because it sees only innocence. It is not shown through words but through deeds, acts and demonstration. It does not lecture, it simply points the way to truth. It is not a martyr, it does not sacrifice or ask for sacrifice. It supports but is not a crutch that disempowers. It encourages but does not need to see progress. Love hopes but is not attached to outcomes or altered by them. Love is not a transaction. It is pure, it is sacred, it is unconditional. It endures all, overcomes all and transcends. Love does not fear, It heals. Love is always the answer to every question. It conquers all doubt. And sometimes, love, loves from afar. And sometimes, love does walk away. And sometimes, the greatest act of love is letting go. Because perpetuating a pattern, repeating a cycle or enabling dysfunction is not the most loving thing to do. It allows each sacred soul to walk it’s own sacred path. without judgment. It is selfless yet begins with the Self and ends with the Self. In the appropriate sense, it is Self centered. Rooted in Spirit. Honoring what feels safe, comfortable and true for Self first, knowing that what is best for Self is best for all concerned. It asks for nothing in return because it already has it. It already is it. By definition it is forever in overflow. Forever extending itself, expanding itself, expressing itself, experiencing itself, and knowing itself through you as you. It is your only purpose. It is your only function. It is your true nature and essence. It is your true identity. It is your gift. It is your teacher. It is your guide. It is the light and the way. It is the path Home.
It is Home. 
And we are already there.
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